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Pointing individuals toward a life that reflects a  clearer image of Christ and transformed relationships.  

Equip couples and individuals through training and preparation; 
Empower individuals by enabling, energizing, and encouraging; 
Proclaim God’s plan for relationships which impacts marriages, families, churches, and communities.
We achieve this mission through Marriage Retreats, Men’s Leadership Groups, Men’s Retreats, Premarital Counseling and speaking and teaching at seminars and retreats. To read more about us or to support the ministry, click on the tabs below.

Ignite Marriage Retreat

Refresh | Refocus | Rekindle

We believe a good marriage requires priority and investment. Our goal for the Ignite Marriage Retreat weekend is to provide a place for that to happen. We are excited about having you join us for an unforgettable weekend.
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Take the opportunity to "unplug" for a period of time, interact with other men, spend focused time with God, and enjoy great scenery! You won't regreat spending this time getting away and growing as a leader and a person.
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Men's Leadership Groups

Personal | Team | Organizational | Growth

Interested in growing personally and as a leader? Join one of our Mens Leadership Groups and learn from seasoned leaders. Topics of discussion include; Leading Self, Leading Another, Leading a Team,  and Leading an Orginization. Group meets once a month, for 8 months per year.
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Pre-Marital Counseling

Build a Solid Foundation For Your Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful thing! A good marriage does require work and commitment. The better the foundation before marriage; the greater the impact and fulfillment of living out your marriage in wholeness can be!
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