Ignite Marriage Retreat Schedule


The weekend is filled with enlightening group sessions and time alone with your spouse engaging in special activities to process what you have heard. This weekend is specifically designed to refresh and rekindle your marriage! You are encouraged to focus on each other and not feel the need to socialize with other couples from the group.


Registration is from 3:00PM-5:00PM. We recommend that you arrive early so the two of you have time to relax and enter the weekend without distractions. You can bring food to eat there or get some at a nearby restaurant before or after the evening sessions (there is no evening meal included). Be prepared to join us for the first session that begins at 6:00PM. Breathe deep and smile, you are here… the two of you!


Sessions begin at 8:45AM and end at 5:15PM to give you plenty of time for a​ date night! This is a full but great day! The topics will help you understand yourself and your spouse better and encourage you on to a better​ relationship.


Sessions begin at 8:30AM with a separate session for the men and women. We​ then come together as a group for some singing and a session looking toward the future​ as we hear how your marriage can have an impact on your family and communities. We​ will end our sessions at 12:00PM with a lunch following.

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